design By Dimorestudio

"We mix eras and styles and pick up things as we go.

It could be from a trip, a film, fashion,

a collection, an artwork, an opera or an old design."

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran invested in their individual experience, profession and study of Design, Art and Fashion, and founded DIMORESTUDIO in 2003. Since that moment, they have designed and carried out every interior project in a personal and recognizable way, blending different influences, mixing styles, periods, materials, colors, lightness and darkness, old and new, deftly juxtaposing elements in a display of quiet elegance. 

While referring to the past, they however remain deeply rooted in the present and propose a timeless and intimate esthetic concept inspired by far ages. A timeless visual and emotional pathway.

An uncensored aesthetics where each item has its own power and expressive “raison d’être”, while representing a part of the ensemble as the protagonist.

design by Dimorestudio

CORRISPONDENZA, a multicolored kaleidoscope with a smooth and soft accents in which seven basic geometrical shapes are combined each other to suggest the magic of the origami's sides. Totally handmade, each tile differs from the others, making the collection unique, the perfect furnishings for elegant and sophisticated projects.


Collection of interior floor and wall tiles in white glazed stoneware with a matt finishing. Seven entirely hand-brushed decora¬tions, Size 20x20 cm, that are supplied mixed. Size 20x20 cm, thickness 7 mm.


It doubtless takes the human hand’s touch in the production process to create genuine designer ceramic. There are no viable alternatives, if we wish to respect the artist’s idea to the last detail and nuance.

Bardelli achieves this result by adopting the best method for each case, ranging from freehand drawings to stencils and from “pouncing”to combined techniques, if minute details are required.

At times a single tile’s decoration demands one and a half dozen phases. Only this technical sequence faithfully portrays the artist’s creation on ceramic. Bardelli offers a very high quality design product by combining modern industrial processes and refined, almost obsessive decoration techniques typical of the handcrafting tradition. Many discuss the design, handmade items and Made in Italy products today. Bardelli prides in having always guaranteed all three features.